Fat loss has to be difficult, right?


“Crack Your Body’s ‘Secret Code’ & Discover 67 Simple, & Sometimes CRAZY, Fat Burning Tricks That Make Fat Loss Effortless, While Also Boosting Your Energy And Making You Look And Feel Years Younger.”

Believe it or not, the key to losing weight, and keeping it off, while naturally boosting your energy, isn’t about the latest diet or ‘insane’ workout…

It’s about unlocking and using your body’s ‘secret’ tricks to help you win the unfair battle you fight with your stubborn fat.

Tricks like…

  • Trick #63:  How to trick your stubborn fat into melting away – this trick works particularly well for stomach fat This is one of the weirdest tricks I’ve ever used, and almost didn’t share it with you, but you MUST see page 89 to uncover this strange, yet effective, trick..
  • Trick #9:  “The 7-Hour Diet!”  Easy, easy, easy… Did I say it was easy?  This diet trick is so easy you’ll slap yourself in the forehead wondering why you didn’t think of it yourself.
  • Trick #54: “The Monday Morning Diet.”  Follow these 3 easy steps to ERASE a weekend of bad eating.  If you’ve ever felt guilty on a Monday because of the way you ate and drank over the weekend, you NEED to follow this easy diet trick.

“Some Tricks Are Weird, Some Are Easy, (And A Few Are Downright Crazy)…

… But All 67 Tricks Will Melt Away Your Stubborn Fat Quickly & Easily, While Naturally Boosting Your Metabolism

new14promoDear friend,

Hi, my name is Ed Scow and I’m a husband, proud papa, fitness and nutrition expert and, believe it or not, a guy who struggles with his “skinny fat” genes.

I’ve owned a private fitness studio for over 10 years, and have been a personal trainer for over 10 years, conducting over 15,000 training sessions.

Something amazing happened over and over during those 15,000 sessions and hundreds of clients…

… Many clients transformed their bodies and lives, as if by magic.

Many lost weight, up to 10 pounds in a single week, and kept it off, boosted their energy and looked awesome and did it in relatively short periods of time – sometimes as little as a few weeks

Others always struggled.  Struggled with the workouts, and didn’t stick with the diet/nutrition, which means they may have lost weight, but it always came back, and they usually felt horrible.

They became depressed, aged rapidly and felt like losers.

On the flip side, did the people who struggled have something wrong with them?  Were they destined to remain fat, with no energy, while also aging rapidly?Were the people that succeeded better?  Did they have secret powers or super-genes that helped them almost effortlessly lose weight?

Here’s a secret…Those people that lost fat quickly and easily, boosted their energy and discovered their ‘fountain of youth’ weren’t special…  

They didn’t possess secret gifts, have super will power, or “skinny genes” that made it easier for them to lose weight and keep it off…

Take for instance Sam.  Sam struggled with back pain and a flabby gut (like many men), but when he discovered my stomach flattening secret (Trick #28), his stomach SHRUNK a couple inches in a few short weeks AND his back pain went away!

There’s also Natalie.  Natalie struggled with her eating no matter what diet she tried.  She always regained the weight she lost, with an extra 5 pounds to spare.  But, when she discovered Tricks #1 & #2, it all finally clicked…now she’s 30 pounds lighter with a smoking hot figure with endless amounts of energy.

The truth is those that achieved amazing results simply discovered your body has secrets, that once unlocked and used, make fat loss effortless and knowing your body’s ‘secret tricks’ also allows you to…

Wake Up EVERY Morning Feeling Refreshed and Energized…and Look & Feel 5, 10, Even 15 Years Younger!

Don’t make this any tougher than it is (which is pretty darn easy)

“67 Crazy Fat Loss Tricks” is a collection of the most EFFECTIVE (and sometimes weird) fat loss, energy-boosting and age-defying tricks used to help my clients achieve amazing results.

They did the work, sweat and paid THOUSANDS of dollars to discover these tricks, but you get to reap the benefit and reward for the small investment of $17.

Here’s all you need to do…

Pick 1 or 2 tricks that resonate with you.

Follow those 1 or 2 tricks until mastered – sometimes as little as a day, other times it takes a couple weeks, and some you will use forever.

Once mastered, pick 1 or 2 more and repeat.

“67 Crazy Fat Loss Tricks” Was Created To Help You Lose Fat Faster, Look & Feel Younger, And Boost Your Metabolism.

Here are just a few of the simple fat burning workout tricks you’re about to discover…

  • Trick #20: Discover a workout trick called “The Pause Squeeze Method,” which is a favorite of my fat loss clients because it not only strengthens and adds definition to your arms, abs, legs and butt, but also creates a calorie-burning frenzy so you continue burning fat for hours.
  • Trick #63:  How to trick your stubborn fat into melting away – this trick works particularly well for stomach fat.  To be totally honest, this is one of the weirdest tricks I’ve ever heard, and almost didn’t share it with you, but you MUST check out page 89 to uncover this very strange, yet effective, trick.
  • Trick #33:  Attention Ladies:  Do you hate the way your arms look?  Are they flabby and lack tone? Add this EASY trick to your workout to trim that stubborn arm fat, remove the jiggle and tone up.  The best part is this easy trick also works for your legs and butt!  Add tone and strength WITHOUT adding bulk!
  • Trick #4:  Do this SIMPLE 5-minute workout and watch your stomach fat melt away (yep…only 5-minutes!). See Page 7
  • Trick #39:  The simple workout trick I call “The Burn Method,” that can drastically increase your body’s natural fat burning hormonesWITHOUT adding extra time or exercises to your workout.  You can even use it with your existing program!  (My clients love this trick…)
  • Trick #53: “The Talking Trick.”  This weird trick only takes 20 seconds out of your busy day, but has the amazing ability to STOP you from making poor eating decisions.  Do you hate feeling guilty after eating poorly?  Follow this trick and put an end to those destructive thoughts.
  • Trick #33:  Attention Men:  Do you want strong, defined and broad shoulders, and arms that “pop” out of your shirt?  Then you MUST try this simple workout trick that FORCES your muscles to grow while also stripping away your flabby fat to reveal arms that look like they’ve been carved out of granite.
  • Trick #42:  “Flatten Your Stomach…Almost Magically!”   Do this trick and your stomach will shrink and STAY FLAT.  Fail to follow this tip and you’ll walk around with a weak and flabby pot belly.
  • Trick #1: The CRAZY mental trick that, when followed, makes weight loss effortless.  WARNING:  When you start using this trick you will become unstoppable and may have to buy a brand new, smaller wardrobe!
  • Trick #27: Discover a Simple, 2-Minute Workout Trick To Sexier Arms.  Do this short, and simple, exercise trick at the end of every workout and be amazed at how strong and sexy your arms look and feel.

Trick47Sometimes The Only Difference Between Another Frustrating Failure, and An Over-The-Top, Amazing Success Story Is 1 Or 2 Simple Tricks.  

Maybe It’s A “Mental” Trick That Lights Your ‘Fire’ & Makes You Unstoppable, Or Maybe All It Takes Is 1 Easy ‘Tweak’ To Your Diet That Forces Your Stomach To Shed Your Stubborn Fat.

Here are a few of the simple & easy diet tricks you’re about to discover…

  • Trick #35: Discover 5 Ways To Lose 5 Pounds (Or More!!) In Only 5 Days!
  • Trick #8: Eat More ______, Become A Happier Person!  This simple, scientifically proven trick boosts your mood ALL day, and the more you eat, the happier you’ll be!
  • Trick #9:  “The 7-Hour Diet!”  Easy, easy, easy… Did I say it was easy?  This diet trick is so easy you’ll slap yourself in the forehead wondering why you didn’t think of it yourself.
  • Trick #54: “The Monday Morning Diet.”  Follow these 3 easy steps to ERASE a weekend of bad eating.  If you’ve ever felt guilty on a Monday morning because of the way you ate and drank over the weekend, you NEED to follow this simple diet trick.
  • Trick #47:  Follow this simple diet trick I call “The 30-Day Diet.”  If you want to prepare for a vacation, big event, or just want to lose weight FAST, this diet will get you there.  Simple, powerful and doesn’t require you to spend money on gross boxed foods or silly potions.
  • Trick #66:  Stop Trying To “Fix” Your Diet!   Fixing your diet leads to failure.  This trick is the exact OPPOSITE of what other “experts” tell you, which is why it works!
  • Trick #23:  “Treat Your _____ Well”  This simple trick can fix the most important part of your diet…not only your diet, but your LIFE.  Seriously!  It is especially important for those with IBS, constipation or bloating.
  • Trick #12: Are you ashamed you don’t have the energy to play with your kids?  Follow this EASY diet trick and feel your energy shoot so high people will think you have rocket fuel running through your veins! 
  • Trick #13:  Shocking Confession – The weight loss and diet industry has been lying to you for years!  The information you’ll uncover in this trick is how the diet industry has developed into a $50 BILLION dollar industry.  Discover the TRUTH, and how to end “obsessive compulsive eating” for good, on page 20.
  • Trick #22:  The 2 spices that are scientifically proven to burn stubborn fat AND prevent your body from storing more!  The best part is they’re probably already in your kitchen…imagine that, a fat burning spice hidden in your cabinets just waiting to be used.
  • Trick #51:  Drinking alcohol sabotages weight loss, right?  WRONG!  Discover how to accomplish this amazing feat on Page 69.
  • Trick #48:  1 Simple and Easy trick to eat at restaurants WITHOUT guilt!  Order your favorite foods, including dessert, and still lose weight!! (NOT a magic pill or any other fad…only the truth!), see page 61
  • Bonus Anti-Aging Trick #1:  How To Look & Feel YEARS Younger With Age-Defying Foods!  Yes, there are foods that can turn back the hands of time to make you look and feel 5, 10, even 15 years younger!
  • Bonus Anti-Aging Trick #2:  Smooth Out Those Stubborn Wrinkles, and Prevent New Ones, with These Tasty and Powerful Foods!  Discover the foods you should be eating on a regular basis if you want to get rid of your wrinkles.  Stop looking older than you are…eat these foods instead!

Discover just how easy it can be to finally win the battle you’ve been fighting against your stubborn fat all these years.


When you act today you’ll not only get ‘67 Crazy Fat Loss Tricks’, but you’ll also receive the following bonuses absolutely FREE.

With this simple package you will…

Wake Up Every Morning Feeling Refreshed & Energized and Be Amazed When You See A Younger, More Youthful  and Leaner Reflection In The Mirror!

In case you’re worried I’m lying, not telling the whole truth or if there’s some weird catch in the fine print, I’m going to go way out on a limb and completely guarantee your purchase.

Here’s the thing…remember that I’m a real fitness expert who works with clients every day in my training studio.  That means I have a reputation to uphold – I have a real stake in your success and happiness.  I look bad if you’re not happy and I don’t want to look bad, which is why I’m making this crazy guarantee…


It’s an easy decision right?  All you have to do is grab your copy of “67 Crazy Fat Loss Tricks,” pick out 1 or 2 tricks to follow at a time, then watch the amazing results take shape.

Could You Answer A Couple Questions Before You Go?

What if you put into practice Trick #4 (The 5-Minute Fat Blaster) into your own workout program?  Imagine how it would feel to rapidly remove your unwanted fat, by simply using that one simple trick that is scientifically proven to boost the effectiveness of your workout program?  How much would that be worth to you?

What would happen when you used Trick #47 (The “30-Day Beach Ready Diet”)?  Remember that’s the trick my wife and I used to prepare for a vacation to the Caribbean and it shed 3 inches from my waist and gave her the confidence to wear a tiny & sexy black bikini.  How much would that one diet be worth to you?  Most diet books are well over $29.95, and most are worthless…but this one works every single time!

Imagine how awesome it would feel to unlock the Stomach Flattening trick (Trick #42) and NEVER have to suck your stomach in when taking pictures or standing in front of the mirror?  How fantastic would you feel knowing your stomach and core were strong, flat and sexy?

Don’t forget about the 2 FREE bonuses!  “The Wave” Carb Rotation Diet is sold every day in my training studio for nearly twice what you’re going to pay for “67 Crazy Fat Loss Tricks” and you’re getting it FREE!

That makes this an absolute no-brainer, but also remember that the price will absolutely shoot up to $44 very soon.  $14 is just an introductory price.

Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy day to watch the short video, read this information and put it into action.  My passion is helping you achieve your goals and dreams and “67 Crazy Fat Loss Tricks” will get you there.